Beyond the Comfort Zone

Traveling in an RV or campervan can give you a sense of freedom like none other. You have an open road ahead of you and anywhere and everywhere is your destination. However, one of the sticky situations that arises for new campers (especially those on a budget) once you’re out in the middle of nowhere is, “Where are we going to sleep?!” All of the sudden you find yourself willing to give up all of that freedom and wishing for the safe (and less exciting) option of a hotel or Airbnb.

However, we’ve found that for the adventurous — and those that aren’t too afraid to put themselves out there —  a campervan not only allows you flexibility but it gives you a perfect opportunity to meet new people and explore the unknown. In a world where our transportation, our food, our movies can all be researched and booked from the safety of our telephone screens, absent of any human interaction, the idea of approaching a stranger and asking for a favor can be downright terrifying.

Even though it can be scary at first, we’ve found that this chance to make new friends is one of the most gratifying parts of RV or campervan travel. After spending two weeks exploring Florida, our new german friends, Janine and Harald, shared a little bit of what it really looks like to camp throughout Florida on a budget.

“We definitely had to get out of our comfort zones,” said Harald. He said the first night he and Janine stayed at BJ’s wholesale store and spent the night tossing and turning. Out of necessity for a more peaceful night of sleep, they had to start asking for help. This meant asking restaurant owners, fellow campers, and state park officials for help finding a place to stay.

Without any previous plans, Harald and Janine got to visit the Florida Keys, the Everglades, Coco Beach, and Daytona Beach. Harald said at the end of their trip, “it was the best way to explore Florida.” He explained, “It was the only way we could have gotten to see so many things.”

Take a look at some of their adventures below!

Keywest Sunrise
Watching the sunrise at the Florida Keys
Taking the van for a spin in Fort Myers
Staying the night at Jonathan Dickinson Park – Click the Picture for more details!

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    Travelling in camper van you feel freedom. You just feel free and all your worries are gone when you go in van for the trip. You can get the camper van by rent. Hire it and feel happy.

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