East coast campervan road trip: From Miami to New York!

Summer is the best time for exploring the East Coast! . Some of the best road trip routes are in the East Coast, spanning from Florida to Maine and New York. Offering a diverse number of experiences, an East Coast road trip is perfect for foodies, those looking to relax at beaches, or even those hoping to visit historical locales. Listed below are several essentials necessary for the perfect vacation as well as the must-visit spots! All you have to do is pack your bags, grab a fresh pair of flip-flops, and embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure.


East coast camper van road trip From Miami to New York

Several go-to destinations include the Kennedy Space Centre, Daytona Beach, Savannah, St. Augustine, Great Smoky Mountains Park, Asheville, Washington DC, New York, and Charleston!

Once you start your road trip, you can easily spend a few days exploring your first coastline: Florida. Here, you can begin your adventure by relaxing on one of Florida’s gorgeous beaches and take in its natural beauty! Whether you visit one of Florida’s buzzing cities or stick to the beaches, it makes the perfect jumping off point for your travels.

One of the best spots to visit if you’re interested in history is Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Here, you can explore the Chesapeake Bay, eat some of the best seafood, visit major attractions including the Smithsonian museums, Lincoln Memorial, and our nation’s capital. Then, you can head back to the picturesque setting of Annapolis, Maryland where you can rent a boat for a day cruise along the bay.


South Carolina is another unique destination during your East Coast road trip. While in South Carolina, we recommend visiting Hilton Head where you can relax on its gorgeous beaches like Myrtle beach. South Carolina is also home to some of America’s best restaurants which makes it perfect for any foodie among your party. With local seafood and phenomenal outdoor activities, South Carolina makes for a wonderful location to stop for a few days and enjoy.

One quirky city that is a blast to visit is Asheville, North Carolina. As it has access to gorgeous hikes as well as a bustling downtown filled with unique shops, it would be the perfect spot to visit in your campervan. Similarly, the Great Smoky Mountains are also easily accessible, and there are a number of campgrounds nestled among the peaks that you can stay in you camping an.


ondevan East coast camper van road trip from new york to miami florida


Once you enter into New York, one must-visit destination is New York’s Hudson Valley. As it is rich in history, the entire valley is a part of a National Heritage Area which spans hundreds of miles. During your visit, you can learn about what early-American life was like while experiencing the hot spots of the Revolutionary War. This area is home to the Bronck Museum, Saint Paul’s Church, as well as other historical spots. Any visit to New York would not be complete without basking in the beauty of Niagara Falls. It would be the perfect way to cap-off your adventure!


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