45 Freshwater Springs for Your Florida Road Trip

When you imagine taking a road trip through Florida, your likely stops are along the many beaches—or maybe even to an amusement park. It may surprise you to find out that Florida is home to the largest concentration of freshwater springs in the world. So before you set off on your two-week journey along the coast, think about heading inland to enjoy some of the majesties that these natural wonders have to offer.

florida springs roadtrip

How are these freshwater springs formed? 90% of Florida’s water source comes from the aquifer below ground. The water underground is under pressure which causes it to flow upward into what we can enjoy today as springs.

If you’re enjoying a quick few days roadtripping around the south of Florida, you can enjoy one of three of it’s major springs. In contrast, if you’re exploring for an extended period of time, you’ll have the opportunity to check out some of the largest springs in the world along the Northwest, Northern, and Central parts of Florida.


Not only will you enjoy a cool year-round 72-degree dip in these natural springs, but you can also experience activities like kayaking, hiking, floating, wildlife viewing, and scuba diving in these crystal clear gems. Still not convinced? Check out these maps of Florida’s freshwater springs to see how much there is to offer along these beaten paths. Then, book your campervan and plan your route for a truly unforgettable experience.

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