4 Easy Ways to Practice Gratitude While Camping

Gratitude is linked to greater happiness and less anxiety; there is no better place to practice gratitude than in nature. Camping is an amazing opportunity to take the chance to slow down and think about all of the things in life to be grateful for.   

   1) Be fully present in nature

Nothing is as inspiring as spending time in nature. Put your phone down and go for a walk around your campground or just spend some time sitting outside. Use all of your senses to tune in to your surroundings. When you begin to look for great things around you they will begin to appear. Absorb all of the little things around you; the things like the sound of the water, birds chirping, the shade from a tree or the smell of flowers. In our normal busy day to day life we often overlook these small moments, so while you are camping take the time to really soak them in. Find the things that make you happy out in nature and take a moment to acknowledge your gratitude.

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2) Express the things you are grateful for

Take some time on your camping trip to express your gratitude. This can look different for everyone. Journaling can be a great way to express the things you are thankful for. Open up your journal and write down everything you feel thankful for right at that moment. Other ideas to express yourself creatively might include playing music, writing a song, dancing, or taking photos. Whatever it is for you, take time to reflect on how you are doing and check in with yourself and express your gratitude.

3) Do an act of service and give back

Giving back and helping others is a great way to practice gratitude. While you are camping consider doing a small act of service for the community. You can pick up trash on a walk, you can see if your camp host needs a hand with anything, or you can look into volunteering at a local state or national park. Helping others while you are camping is such a great way to practice gratitude. Everywhere you go there are so many ways to give back to others, your community, and our planet.

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4) Socialize with your campground neighbors

One of the best things about camping and van travel is the community that it attracts. Camping brings all different types of people with similar interests together. Inviting people from other campsites over to your campsite for coffee, a drink, or a meal can be a great way to practice gratitude. Getting to know other people and listening to their stories is such a fun part of camping. Your campsite neighbors will be really grateful that you reached out and made them feel welcome and you might just meet a new friend you didn’t know you needed.

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