There is no wrong weather for getting outside, just the wrong gear and the wrong attitude. By taking the time to plan ahead, you can get outside and enjoy nature during anytime of the year. When the weather gets hot there are still some awesome ways to enjoy the Florida beauty.

Get outside early

Avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day around 1pm to 3pm when the sun is at the highest point in the sky. Get up and get out early in the morning when the weather is the coolest. Plan your outdoor activities in the morning and then spend the hot part of the day relaxing in the shade. Encourage everyone to wake up early for your hike and then reward yourself with a big lunch at camp when you get back.

tips for camping during hot days

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Pack a cooler with lots of ice

Use a cooler to help keep cold drinks and water cold. In hot conditions you need to drink lots of water to help stay hydrated, and by having a cooler your water will always be cold and refreshing. You can also keep wet washcloths in the cold cooler to put on your neck or head if you start feeling too hot. Using a cooler to help with the heat is essential for camping on hot days.

Use sunscreen

In the summer it is especially important to use sunscreen to help keep harmful rays away. Days are longer in the summer, so the sun’s rays are more direct and can be more harmful. If you are planning on swimming or going into the water, make sure and use a mineral sunscreen. Mineral sunscreen is better for the environment and for your skin because it doesn’t have toxic chemicals in it.

Camp near water

There is usually a nice sea breeze when you camp near the ocean that can help cool down your campsite. Staying near lakes, rivers, ponds, and the ocean is a great way to stay cool. Whenever you get too hot, jump in the water to help cool down.

Tips for camping in summer

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Pack a portable fan

Having moving air is key to staying cool while camping in the summer. You can buy portable fans that use batteries or that run off of usb charge, that you can have running to keep you cool at night. Fans can really make a big difference and will help you sleep better at night during the summer.

Make use of the shade

Plan on where you are going to set up your tent or your van. Set up your camp in the shade under trees or under a covering. Pack beach umbrellas, tarps or awnings to help keep the sun away and the temperature down.

summer roadtrip tips

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