Camping during the summer is the best! The longest days of the year happen during summer, and you have so much time to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. Some people might feel discouraged to go camping in the summer, because of the heat but we are here to bust some myths about camping during the summer and help you get outside!

Myth #1 Sleeping will not be comfortable

Camping can be really comfortable if you pack the right supplies. A good night’s sleep is always important, but it can be hard to sleep when you’re too hot. When you camp in the summer pack light, breathable pajamas that won’t be too hot. Pack a lightweight, summer sleeping bag with a temperature rating that is high enough for the weather you will be sleeping in. If it’s going to be really hot, try just sleeping with a light sheet. Another great way to stay cool is to use a small battery-operated fan to keep the air circulating while you are sleeping. But not to worry, our campervans have ceiling fans that you can open and run overnight and also they have windows with mosquito mesh so do not worry about leave the windows open.

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Myth # 2 It will be too hot to cook any food

Sometimes standing over a fire or a stove can make you hot but don’t worry we have some tips for you. Just like planning any good meal, camping meals just take a little prep. Before you go camping make a shopping list and a menu for all of the meals you want to cook. Pack a cooler full of ice and have lots of cold drinks available to help you stay cool all day. Plan “non cook” meals like refreshing salads, cold cut sandwiches, wraps, fruit salads, and snack/meat/cheese boards. This way you won’t need to build a fire and you can eat foods without getting too hot. Check out our blog post on camping meal ideas here (link blog).

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Myth #3 Summer is too hot to do any outdoor activities

There is no bad weather, just poor planning and bad gear! Plan your adventures around the weather. Make sure to do any intense outdoor activities during the mornings or the evenings during the coolest parts of the day when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. Then spend the middle part of the day staying cool. Try finding swimming holes, natural springs, rivers, lakes or oceans to cool off in and enjoy your afternoon.

Myth #4 There will be too many bugs

If you are camping by water to stay cool, yes, there will probably be bugs there too. But don’t worry! Using bug spray is a great and effective way to keep bugs away. Deet is a great product to use to keep bugs away, and there are also many different natural bug repellents available if you don’t want to use deet. Citronella candles are great for keeping pesky bugs away too.

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