Going on a campervan adventure by yourself is such a great experience! You get to set your own schedule and only do the things that you want to do. You have complete freedom and control when you go on your own road trip. Solo road trips are great ways to learn more about yourself and to explore the things that interest you. Hitting the road by yourself can be intimidating at times, but here is a list of 5 helpful tips to help you hit the road safely.

Safety first

When traveling alone it is always a good idea to let someone else know where you are going, and what your tentative plan is. Make sure to text a family member or a friend and give them a heads up about your itinerary in case anything happens they will know plans. Using location-sharing apps like ‘Find My Friends’ or even Google Maps, is a good way to stay connected to other people and let them know where you are in case of an emergency.

Trust your gut

Like anything in life, always trust your instincts! Whether you are camping by yourself or with other people it is really important to stay in tune with your surroundings and if something feels “off” it probably is. When you get to your campsite for the night go walk around and take note of who else is there. If you feel comfortable, then stay, but if you don’t then find somewhere else. When traveling along, it is worth it to stay at more crowded paid campgrounds if you feel safer around people and security.

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Only camp at locations where you have phone service

When you are camping or staying somewhere overnight, it is a good idea to make sure you have cell phone service. If you have an emergency or even just car troubles, it is comforting to know you have phone service. Having service will give you a peace of mind and It can be helpful to just surf the web and plan what you want to do the next day. In the unlikely situation that something would happen, it is comforting to have a way to reach someone.

     Pack things to keep you entertained

Bring something to keep you entertained or keep you company. Some examples are a guitar, a music speaker, hammock, book, yoga mat, camera journal or a paint set. You will have a lot of great time with yourself so use it to do things that you like.

     Building community on the road

Solo road trips don’t mean that you will not interact with anyone. Every place you go, especially in campgrounds you always will find neighbors that you can interact, share experiences and make new friends. You will be amazed by the stories you will hear from other travelers. If you practice a sport or a hobby like fishing, kayaking or rock climbing, you will always find a community on the road.

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