Tips and advice when camping with pets

Pets love the outdoors, and here at Ondevan Campervan, we are happy to have you bring your dogs or cats along for an unforgettable road trip. Our pets are part of our families, so why wouldn’t you bring your fluffy friend along on your camping vacation? If you’re planning on bringing your pet with you, please read these tips below to ensure you have a fabulous trip with us.  

What to bring

Our vans are packed with the essentials and ready to go for humans, but it will take a little extra 
prep for dogs or cats.  
A bowl for food and water 
Dog/cat food/ treats 
Leash and stake for the ground  (consider bringing a long leash so you can attach it to a stake in the ground or a post at the campsite) 
 Outdoor safe toys. Consider bringing hard toys or toys that can get wet/dirty playing outside. 
 Extra towels (for any messes or drying off after a day of swimming) 
 Waste bags 
 Mat where your pet can sleep and stay more comfortable 

Plan ahead 

To make the most out of your camping trip, make sure to plan by checking the animal rules at different campgrounds, state parks, and national parks. Check the websites or call the main office to check if they allow pets. Different places have different regulations, and we want tomake sure you know these in advance. 

Stay active and plan your day around the weather. 

Take your dog (or cat) on walks, runs, and hikes throughout the day. They will enjoy the new scents and the scenery. Staying active will also help them adjust to the new environment and tire them out by the end of the day. In the warm summer months, make sure your dog drinks lots of water and plan your physical activity around the cooler part of the day because, just like humans, dogs are sensitive to the heat. If you’re at a pet-friendly campground, then you can 
take your dog around to socialize with other dogs too. 

Be respectful 

At Ondevan Campervan, we are inclusive of everyone, which means people with pets, and people without pets. We ask our pet owners to please respect the next renter and leave the campervans clean 
due to the next renter’s possible allergies. Please be mindful of dog/cat hair, pet food, and 
bathroom accidents, and please clean up after your pet. We want you to leave the van exactly 
as you had it. 

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