Best road trip destination for this summer in the USA

Road trips are a beloved pastime in the US and will remain so. There is no better way to see the incredible views, stunning valleys, rugged cliffs, wild forests, endless desert terrains, and breathtaking coastlines than by getting behind the wheel

Pacific highway coast - California

It’s easy to see why Pacific Coast Highway is one of the US’s most popular drives. The route starts in San Diego and takes in some stunning California coastline. Follow Highway One north to Monterey, passing through San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles. The famous City by the Bay is your final destination. There are many exciting places to explore in San Francisco. You can easily combine a home-like environment with the trip enjoyment by going there in a camper trailer or a camper van.

Tips and tricks: Planning is key to a stress-free, enjoyable trip. Make sure you have everything you need before you set off.

Going to the sun road - Montana

This jagged, cliff-hugging mountain road spans the Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana for 50 miles (80 km). It is truly a special treat. You can start your journey from Route 2 or Route 86 in Montana. This scenic east/west, western/east road trip will take you through lush green forests along with Lake Mac Donald and down into deep valleys beneath glacial-covered mountain tops. Then you’ll reach Saint Mary Lake, where you can see the crystal waterfall that falls from 100 feet (160 m). You will find wildlife such as bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and other species flying along this road.

Tips and tricks: The parking lot at Logan Pass can be crowded from 9:30 to 4:00 during high season (mid-July to mid-August). This means that there may be road delays or difficulty finding the best spot. Also, vehicles over 21 feet cannot park between Avalanche Campground parking and the Rising Sun picnic area.

Blueridge Parkway - Virginia

Blue Ridge Parkway connects the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, and North Carolina. It is 469 miles (755 km) long. The 45 mph speed limit is a joy as you will enjoy one of the US’s most beautiful scenic drives. There are no billboards or commercial traffic, and there is no commercial town. You can start your journey by starting from Either Boone Cherokee and then finding your way to Blue Ridge Parkway Road. Here you will enjoy five and a 1/2 hours of mountainous terrains, occasional eerie fog, and wild turkeys and birds. It’s a memorable trip that you will never forget.

Tips and tricks Are careful of your speed. The Parkway speed limit is 45 mph in certain areas. Bicyclists are more common on the Parkway than cars and generally move at a slower speed.

Olympic Peninsula - Washington

Start in Seattle to begin this 330-mile (531 Kilometers) loop journey. Connect onto Highway 101 via Junction 104, and you will make your way to Olympic Peninsula. You can choose to go anticlockwise or clockwise. However, you will still enjoy stunning views of the White Mountain tops and picturesque shorelines. There are also small logging towns and waterfalls. To make it truly unique, take a hike through the Quinault and Hoh rainforests.

Tips: Boots or hiking shoes are highly recommended. Pay extra attention to where you are walking and be careful on steep or rocky terrains. Avoid flip-flops and sandals, as they can cause unintentional accidents.

Brandywine Valley – Pennsylvania and Delaware

pop up camper or a campervan for friends and family is recommended for this destination. This vehicle is more spacious and can hold more luggage.

A short 19-mile (30 km) road trip through historic beauty is the best. This beautiful little road will take you through picturesque chateau country between South Pennsylvania and North Delaware. It follows the Brandywine River and is surrounded by oak and tulip tree branches. If you want to really make the most out of the experience, stop by the 1,077-acre Longwood Gardens, which has an outdoor topiary and 20 indoor gardens. There are also spring-fed lakes. Follow the narrow road to Rte. Fifty-two will take you back to the place you started.

Tips and tricks: While the views of the Brandywine Valley can be enjoyed all year, the best times to visit are spring and autumn. Winterthur and Longwood Gardens are best during the warmer months, so bring your camera

Cape Cod - Massachusetts

This is a far better alternative to the busy, high-speed SH 6 and the overcrowded, congested Rte. 28 on the south shore. A 57-mile (91km) drive along Cape Cod’s most Historic Route 6a is a sure hit for this top 10. You’ll be able to enjoy the charming historical villages and dune-lands from Sandwich to Brewster and the Brewster Store, which has been around since 1839. You should take the time to see the most beautiful beaches on the route to Orleans. This will allow you to fully appreciate the 2,000 acres of oak and scrubby pine forest that make up the Nickerson State Park. Continue on SH 6 through Truro, then turn left onto Route 6a. The scenic bay-side will take you to Provincetown.

Tips: Be aware of bottlenecks such as Route 6 (the Mid-Cape Highway), Route 28, which passes through parts of Falmouth, Hyannis, and Yarmouth, and Route 6 between Wellfleet and South Truro during the summer months.

Oregon Historic Columbia River Highway


This scenic road trip of 23 miles (37 km) was built in 1917. It is considered the best in the US and one of the most important feats of its time. It is a National Historic Landmark, which preserves some of the most stunning views that you can see via any mode of transport. You will begin your journey in Troutdale and be stunned by the spectacular attractions like the Vista House, which is located at 700 feet above the Columbia River. There are also several waterfalls (LaTourell Falls, Wahkeenah Falls-242ft, and Multnomah Falls-620ft) that cover the Cliffside and flow under the triumphant bridges.

Tips: Plan your trip to the Historic Columbia River Highway between off-peak travel hours and shoulder seasons. Avoid congestion by starting your journey before 10 a.m.

Red Rock Country - Arizona

The straight 145-mile trip along Interstate 17 includes a slight detour on Route 179 (Red Rock Scenic Byway), 89a to Flagstaff, and 89b to Phoenix. You should include this unforgettable road trip in your top 10. This trip is far more interesting than the dense green, orange, and colorful forest-filled journeys. It takes you through vast desert terrains and towering rock formations that adorn the horizon, making it feel like you’re in another world. You should stop by the National Monument/ancient cliff dwelling, “The Montezuma Castle,” or the Rock State Park to see a natural waterslide carved into the rock that will bring back your faith in human civilization.

Tips: Red Rock Scenic Byway is 20 minutes long. However, you will need to purchase a $5.00 pass to get to certain stops.

Route 66 - Chicago to California

Route 66, which was the original highway connecting Chicago and Los Angeles, measures 2,451 miles (3. 945 kilometers). The new Interstate highway system has been installed to cut travel time and distance. The history of this road can’t be replaced. It is why this road is so beloved today. This is a great trip with dozens of old highway towns and vast desert plains. You can visit Chicago’s landmarks, St. Louis, and Amarillo’s Cadillac Ranch. 

Tips: Before crossing into California, it’s a good idea to get gas. Fuel costs can rise significantly in remote areas.

North Carolina Outer Banks

The Outer Banks’ Highway 12 (or Ocean Front Hwy-12) runs 100 miles and takes you to the Outer Banks. It offers an array of experiences, including white sand beaches, historic colonial towns, fishing communities, and exclusive tourist areas with huge hotels overlooking the ocean. First, you must cross the Wright Memorial Bridge from Kitty Hawk to reach the Outer Banks. You can then travel north on 12 to visit the duck beaches and Corolla. You will then need to return south from Kitty Hawk via the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge and Cape Hatteras National Seashore, where you’ll find the historic lighthouses and, unfortunately, the end of your journey.

Tips: Make sure you take turns driving so that the main driver doesn’t feel tired and worn out. Take a stop every two hours to enjoy the stunning natural scenery.


As a final: These are some great ideas for planning for long road trips.


  • Make sure you plan everything. You should check where you’re going to be driving and whether the route is suitable. Before you go on a road trip, it is important to get enough sleep. You should plan where you can stop to fuel up or grab something to eat. You should take breaks every two hours to have a quick snack, get water, and listen to great music to keep your mind awake.
  • Make sure you inspect your headlights, taillights, and windshield washer jets at the rear and front. You should clean your windshield.
  • Check the condition of your tires to make sure they are in top shape. There is a limit to the amount of tire tread wear that can be safely maintained. A spare tire is recommended, especially for long journeys. Also, check your coolant/antifreeze levels. Leakages should be reported immediately.
  • Make sure you have an emergency kit. You will need jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, a flashlight, and a spare headlight bulb.

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